Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO falls into two categories:  Local and Niche.  This article deals with local businesses.  For information on “Niche” or National Small Business Packages go to SocialSEOFusion’s Niche Package.

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Most Businesses are “Local” or Geo Specific meaning they take advantage of two trends in Search Algorithm reaction to sociological patterning.

A.  Long Tail Search:  This is the organic natural way people type queries into Internet Search, like:  Tires San Diego (when searching for tires)

B.  Search Engines Local Tendency:  Search Engines weigh local inherently ~ assuming  that certain businesses, like Dry Cleaning ~ the searcher is local and not looking for a small business across the country or in Canada

With small businesses SEO amounts to location marketing on Google Bing and Yahoo! Search Engines.  This should NEVER be relegated to interns, or amateurs; who may have some success, but do not possess the requisite scientific techniques to compete with Agencies.   If your competitor has hired a responsible agency, then you will lose business by default, and may not even be aware of it.  According to Search Engine Land an Industry specialty site, small businesses should focus on 6 key areas:

1. Properly Optimize Information On Your Business’ Website

2. Secure, Build Out And Update Your Business Listings On Local Websites

3. Ensure An Appropriate Link Strategy

4. Encourage And Respond To Online User Reviews

5. Engage Regularly Via Social Media

6. Drive Media Coverage


Having to remember to juggle all those things at once is daunting for a small business owner.  Moreover, how would they ever know if they were doing it right?

SocialSEOFusion has the experience, and keyword research tools and business resources to keep track of all the various tasks that must be done to get the small business owner on the right track and KEEP THE SMALL BUSINESS OWNER DOING WHAT THEY DO BEST: manage the day to day affairs of their business.

SocialSEOFusion does NOT pay lip service to Social Media.  Most SEO Firms do.  Other SEO/Internet Marketing firms outsource their Social Media tasks to someone else.  Even worse, most SEO managers downplay completely the role of Social, and it’s impact on search!  This is either gross ignorance, or gross negligence.   Their favorite line after showing lackluster results: “It’s quality not quantity” ~ when you hear this, fire them, cancel your contract and walk away.

Where other firms neglect Social Media, SocialSEOFusion blends the two together seamlessly in the perfect balance.

Our Small Business SEO plans vary with your industry, what needs to be done, and what your goals are.  Whether you are a bakery or local professional like a doctor or lawyer, we have the experience to make you a rock star on social media, as well as get your business listed correctly with hundreds of local search engines and Internet Directories.

SocialSEOFusion is a wholly owned subsidiary of Social N Worldwide, Inc. with over 4 million local active U.S. Connections.  We use the same techniques used to build Social N’s wide audience to build your Social Networks.   Our goal is to use Social To DRIVE SALES to your business.  Far from paying this important aspect lip service, we put your business on an entirely different plain than your competitor.

 Would you leave your business in the hands of someone you hired by eMail?  Would you spend money based upon an eMail without talking to them?  Well, we don’t take clients we don’t speak to.  We have to like you, and we have to know you are real, and serious about your business.  People who send eMails are NOT serious about getting on the first page of Google.  So call us:   703-675-0593