SocialSEOFusion is an integrated multi-media marketing agency dedicated to expanding client visibility and establishing marketable brand positioning. We offer a wide range of brand development services including public relations, design, advertising, social media, print collateral and event production. By establishing a strong foundation of action based campaigns,  SocialSEO  strives to transform our clients’ goals and objectives into tangible efforts measurable by an increase of customers, sales and community relationships.  Our specialty is scientific based compelling triggers with human connectivity.   We embody the definition of the modern social sciences.

Many sites are not scalable, meaning they were built before 2011, and therefore do not take advantage of modern iPhone and Android architecture or operating systems.  With 80 percent of the population surfing the Internet during the day on their mobile phones, many Websites are simply missing sales by default.  Only curing technological deficiencies will not increase sales without traffic.   SocialSEO  increases awareness through our exclusive agreement with Social N Worldwide ~ a network of over 4 Million connections with a huge existing audience in each market.

SocialSEO also has access to the world’s largest network of Indie Musicians and Performers through the Songwriters and Poets Alliance.  This partnership allows us to provide unique, original and high quality LOCAL entertainment, and allows a sponsor or client to benefit from the “support local” movement.

 SocialSEO Fusion  is one of the largest producers of special events in the United States  with an impressive roster of more than 100 annual signature events. SSOE’s  roster of special events includes the three SXSW Campaigns,  AdMo Day, Outstanding Event of the Year recipient, Clarendon Day, may State Fairs, and municipal Festivals.

 SSOE’s signature trademark is the use of technology toward profitability for clients and their Campaigns.  We take advantage of subcultural and sociocultural shifts using dynamic and scalable site technologies to convert sales, attendance and increase revenues.

Whatever the Campaign, regardless of the budget, we deliver results.   SSOE is NOT about being the cheapest, or the youngest.  We have a lifetime of sales and marketing experience, and we add that skill to all client Campaigns.   PT Barnum said it best: “A Terrible thing happens without promotion:  NOTHING!”     If there is a mediocre salesperson running your Campaign, you will have mediocre results.

Generating sales for our clients is more than a goal, or ideal.  It is our passion.   We get results fast!

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